Unibroue is a brewery in Chambly, Quebec, Canada that was started by Serge Racine and Quebec native Andre Dion in 1993. The company was purchased by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. In 2004, which was itself taken over by Sapporo in 2006. Unibroue is the first of three microbrewing companies in the greater Montreal area, both chronologically and in terms of sales benefits.

Unibroue Passport: Quest to the End of the World

Unibroue reached out to us to come up with a social media app that would help them strengthen the relationship with their loyal fans. Taking inspiration from their award-winning flagship beer, La Fin du Monde, which is French for “The End of the World”, our team created a “Quest to the end of the World” virtual reality game within the Unibroue Passport mobile application to give its users a chance to win great prizes, including an all-expenses paid trip to the Unibroue brewery in Quebec, Canada.

Three different views of the unibroue app.

In addition to the three more games that will be progressively released to promote other flavours of Unibroue beer, we have also implemented several other features to enhance a user’s purchasing experience:

  • Unibroue Finder: A tracking feature that allows users to find where their favourite Unibroue beers are being sold.
  • Unibroue News Alert: A notification feature that informs users on the latest Unibroue news and sales promotions.
  • Unibroue Library: Quick access to all Unibroue product information including flavour, brewing process, ingredients, and food pairing.